Covered 365: Day 10

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Day 10 – Champion Comics #10, Artist – Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

There was a gap in the upcoming Covered, 365 posts so I slipped this one in. Early Simon and Kirby art, bondage, action with clear movement.

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

Scott works in I.T. but lives to eat and read. His other ramblings can be found at AE Index and eBabble. Art collection at Comic Art Fans.

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Walter Durajlija
5 years ago

So I worked ahead a bit and thought I had up to #14 posted, good save Scott.

I should forget more often because I swear I’ve never seen this cover, nice find Scott. This is early, early days.

Scott catching my miss opens up the promise of me using your suggestions, I’m sure I’ll receive other undiscovered treasures. If you can work at least 5 days ahead.

5 years ago

Great Cover Scott!
I have never seen this before. My choice would have been Rangers Comics 10

Chris Meli
5 years ago

That’s the ticket. You don’t need anything more than the cover to define the lead-up: You want to grab the book and open it and find out if Mr. Half-Naked or whatever he’s called managed to snuff out the bomb.

No complaints with this one and it sort of makes me feel better because I think I have yet to suggest a Kirby hero cover. As I am biased towards the unusual I might have dismissed some candidates just because I’ve seen them a million times. There is also my sense that later Kirby drew more dioramas – even some “action” covers seem quite static. And of course you could make a good-sized stack of books where a titanic being is gesturing and other characters stand in astonishment (I guess that should be “Astonishment”).

I don’t want to miss a day and I have yet to get to the Gerbers, so if for nothing other than my own edification I will just look at #11s today. Maybe I can move to the five days ahead this weekend. Of course we have Batman #11 so we can pack up and go home for tomorrow. This choice would be classical over baroque so here are some more:

All Winners
Cowgirl Romances
Fight Comics
Sub-Mariner Comics

I thought about Captain Flight but I felt like I was succumbing to Cole mania. It’s a cool and kind of trippy cover, but I continue to feel like Schomburg has it all over Cole,