Covered 365: Day 128

Iron Man #128, Marvel Comics, November 1979 – Artist: Bob Layton.

Instantly recognizable and a must have for Iron Man fans. Iron Man #128 has mass appeal and has the ability to pull in non collectors.

I could have picked Fantastic Four #128, that is a great cover and I really liked New Defenders #128, I like the vibe it gives off. Ghostly Tales #128 is a great cover too.

House of Secrets #128 is a great cover and Dagwood #128 is great fun. Is that a Clark Kent cameo on Secret Hearts #128? Amazing Spider-Man #128 is high grade always looks great with those heavy reds.

Red Ryder #128 is a great cover, imagine the Mile High copy of this with its high gloss and ivory white cover!! There’s something about Red Ryder covers, the ones with the kid, like they’re that close to being off side.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. There are two reasons that I didn’t pick this one, one subjective and one objective. Subjectively I still have my original owner copy so it is maybe too familiar. Objectively I have come to not care for Layton, and as I have been reviewing covers daily for months, this feeling has been reinforced. He is a reliable hitter who can’t deliver big plays, and this exercise is all about big plays. This image is “instantly recognizable” but because of the story arc, which was a big deal at the time (but now seems like a weak derivative of GL #85/#86), not because of Layton’s artistry.

    Of the others you noted but I didn’t, thumbs up to ASM and Dagwood. In both cases I passed by because the thumbnail wasn’t interesting. I would probably go with either of these over Red Ryder, and certainly if I was buying one of the three comics based on the cover I would choose the ASM in a heartbeat. Thumbs down to the other picks. In particular I studied House of Secrets but didn’t pick it because I couldn’t figure out what the point was. It it an invisible guy who took his shoes off?

    We all know what we’re supposed to choose for #129 but I am not going to choose it. I have to go with Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane. Similar to Jimmy Olsen #126, for once we have a non-ridiculous cover in the title and it looks great. Yes of course it’s going the bondage route for the nth time, but it doesn’t seem to be completely gratuitous, there is a real story here. The snake is amazing and menacing, the situation is full of tension (until you realize that Superman can race the Flash – and so the point is…?).

    I will give an honorable mention to ASM given the composition, but at root it is a standing around cover, and these will almost never get my nod. Avengers is cool (why are there so many 9.8s of this issue, but so few of #125?). Captain Marvel Adventures is a good cover made great by the colors of the autumn leaves and dawn (twilight?) sky. Secret Hearts is certainly compelling with great color choices. I dig Wonder Woman (1987 series) and X-Men.

    Superman – killed her again…

    JOWA to Young Romance hands down. Awkward! But maybe she’s not hearing it right because he’s saying it into her mouth.

  2. This Iron Man is one of those issues I have always had deep on my bucket list despite deciding only to collect the first 20 issues or so of the series ( I sold my 55 a few decades ago when Thanos was more of a Darkseid wanna be and about as important as Forbush Man). Reminds me of a Shock Suspenstories cover.

  3. I can appreciate the choice for the reasons you cited, but in the circumstances I appreciate you also naming a bundle of honorable mention covers. I appreciate the reference to ASM #128, as I have a mid grade and a high grade copy, and the mid grade has no pop, but the high grade version is radiant with all the red color.

    I would also nominate Marvel Team-Up #128 as one of the WORST Marvel covers of all time and deserving of JOWA.

  4. See, now that’s how you tell a guy you don’t like his pick, nicely and discreetly, thanks Derrick and yes you are right about Team-Up #128, ghastly. I want one!

  5. Great pick! On closer examination I like it even more now. I noticed that it’s a Canadian whiskey. Oh Canada!

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