Girl’s Romances #144, DC Comics, October 1971, Artist – Nick Cardy Incredible Hulk #144, Marvel Comics, October 1971, Artist – Herb Trimpe

I’m excited to announce Covered 365’s 1st tie! I just could not pick a winner here so I did what I had to do. There must have been something in the air in October 1971 because both these amazing covers came out that month.

Girl’s Romances is just off the charts, makes Girls’ Romances #143 so yesterday! The Hulk is fantastic too, the Hulk issues before suffered from too much on the cover and not enough Hulk, usually a small Hulk somewhere on the cover. Hulk #144 has a great battle scene and an amazing color scheme.

I really liked Millie the Model #144 and Avengers #144 stood out too.

I’m not sure what to make of Captain Marvel’s Adventures except to say maybe it was a good thing the title soon ended.