Covered 365: Day 233

Superman #233, DC Comics, January 1971. Artist: Neal Adams.

Neal Adams steals the show with his iconic cover to Superman #233, this cover just stands out.

One of my favourite comics in my collection is Undercover Girl #6 so it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to Sheldon Moldoff’s cover to Detective Comics #233. If anybody complains about the way she’s riding the bike…

Would it be punny if I gave the JOWA to Wonder Woman #233, did Ernie Chan jump the shark with this cover? I know it’s not a shark but Jaws was so big back then.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. It had to be Superman…one of the all-time classic covers. I remember being shocked when Neal Adams said he hated this cover. He said it was a rush job and the proportion of the legs is way off – one leg is much longer than the other. He’s right about the legs. But it works nonetheless

  2. Yes, I agree that Superman is a fine choice. But Walter, please, that Detective with Batwoman? Aughh! I have learned to appreciate Shelly Moldoff finally, for his (carefully and abundantly) swiped work on Hawkman in Flash Comics, and Black Pirate in Action, and for Moongirl for EC…but all in the 1940s.

    This era of his Batman ghosted work was ghastly, through and through, until Schwartz, Infantino and Anderson created the “new look” Batman.

    Even if she IS on a motorcycle.

    Batwoman is far better on World’s Finest #90, cover by Curt Swan and Ray Burnley. The Swan & Stan Kaye covers from this era, 1957-58, are all outstanding.

    Good work on the callout for Undercover Girl—a WAY under-appreciated comic, by two under-appreciated masters: that cover is by Bob Powell, and stories are by Ogden Whitney, at his peak. For more great stuff from ME, see Cave Girl. And Kubert’s Tor. And, and…a great company in general. And most their books are still affordable!

    For girls on bikes, you have to see America’s Best #26. I have a photocopy of it on my office wall. Here you also get The Black Terror and a girl on a STREAMLINED motorcycle! I’d post a picture, but I yet to figure that out. I don’t think CBD likes links to urls either, I think it holds them up.

    And the Wonder Woman works for me. Its not THAT bad, is it? Kind of fun, I thought.

    PS to Derrick: I still do catalogs, just smaller and now bi-monthly, mainly to promote new items. The bulk of our stuff is on my website. You just need to buy a little something, at least once a year, to stay on the mailing list.

  3. Well, as I stated yesterday, this Superman cover was on the list, but not my top pick because of the blatant lie about kryptonite. That’s just me. As to the Detective, well it’s very simple and Bats and Robin look awfully squished proportionately. Not a great runner up for me. I thought about WW too, just left it out for it’s oddity. They sure liked putting her in bondage-like positions and sexy poses during this series of covers, especially odd after the whole ‘New Wonder Woman’ that preceded it. Must have pushed sales better though.
    For 234 my pick will be indecisive. I like both Batman and Uncanny X-Men for different reasons. So I’ll just list other runner’s up. “Almosts” include
    Superman, ASM for it’s bright cover (too bad about the bottom banner), Captain America, and X-Men Legacy for it’s rendition of a post-workout Rogue.
    JOWA just has to go to Action Comics. There are other dum-dums, but this cover is the worst of the bunch IMO.

  4. Only Neal is allowed to be dissatisfied with this one.

    Sorry Bud, but that Detective is an ultra-cool deco classic.

    The WW is not Ernie Chan but Gray Morrow, and I think his depiction of WW is just superior, so I can get over the silly monster. Not a JOWA.

    For #234 Mr. Adams continues to dominate with Batman as my pick. Adams’s Superman is also a nice cover but I am always put off by “weaking hero” covers. No weaklings on Thor, which I will pick as runner-up, another great Kane cover and super-colorful to boot. Also a nod to Ernie Chan (really this time) for House of Mystery. Nix on CK’s other picks, especially ASM and Captain America – a lot of weak Bronze Age Marvels for this issue number.

    However full agreement on the JOWA going to Action, a classic dumb cover.

  5. CK:Technically, all kryptonite on Earth was eradicated (changed to harmless iron) with this issue, but new pieces fell to Earth, negating this gimmick.

    Bud: At least Batwoman’s bike was all there, and not just handlebars and a gas tank.

  6. What’s not to like about tomorrow’s JOWA??? Its got a ten cent coupon for ice cream for crying out loud!!!

  7. Should we be acquiring and slabbing Bud’s catalogues…? Detective is kind of fun in an animated cartoon kind of way.

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