Covered 365: Day 235

X-Men Legacy , Marvel Comics, June 2010. Artist: Dave Johnson.

Mars Attacks! I love the aesthetics on Dave Johnson’s cover to X-Men Legacy #235!

The only thing that kept Spectacular Spider-Man #235 from winning was the lack of Dazzler! Sal Buscema did a great job and hats off to Denis Calero, Atomic Paintbrush for the colours.

I’m set up in booth 928 at Fan Expo in Toronto this whole weekend and Neal Adams is here too. I thought of picking Batman #235 as today’s winner then going over to his booth to kiss up to him by telling him what I did…

JOWA has to go to World’s Finest #235, can someone explain this cover to me. On the bright side, there are giant hands.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of stupid and/or ridiculous comic book covers over the years, but I think that World’s Finest just might take top prize.

  2. Wow, I agree with Robin and you, Walter. JOWA to World’s Finest—DC didn’t even try to explain it with a caption. What editor let that one by?

    I like your X-Men Legacy choice. But I had to look it up to see who that was on the cover. Oh, it really IS Iron Man. Thought it might be some odd and new X-Man I didn’t recognize. Duh.

    I hope that you or Ivan will put up a report of the WECA-related events at Fan Expo. Please?

    Related to that…kind of…get your hands on From Sunbeams to Sunset: The Rise and Fall of the Australian Comic Book 1924-1965 (we are handling it via Diamond, but its already out-of-stock-indefinately, their code word for not bothering to reorder it). Just came out.

    Its WECA in Australia…lots of fun cool comics and fun vintage cover art, all creative original work by Aussies, stuff hardly anyone has ever seen, from the Golden Age to early Silver Age. Finally more about the brilliant Stanley Pitt, their very own Alex Raymond.

  3. World’s Finest #235 completely upended the day – as the JOWA-ness of this terrible cover dominates the selections of the day. It looks like a drawing of a kid playing too rough with one of the old Mego Superman action figures.

    Unfortunately, I am just not into the recent selection of modern X title covers. Especially today, when compared to a really outstanding Adams cover on Batman #235.

  4. The Neal Adams and the JOWA make the day for me… the other two …meh.
    I have seen a proliferation of late golden age Australian Superman, Superboy, and Worlds Finest on eBay recently and have been very impressed with the cover art! Love to know more about them!

  5. Consensus on the WF or as is should be called WTF!

    I’ll have to look into the Australian stuff, sounds intreesting.

    Bud, I was on a panel today with Ivan and Ken Stacey (he did a project last year with Margret Atwood. It was about the Whites era – not even sure why they had me there but I talked about the collecting market for these things.

    Hopefully Ivan writes up a post about it.

  6. @Bud .. I just went to your website and bought a copy of the Australian book . I hoping it will be one of the undamaged ones , please , hint hint , lol .

  7. I’m surprised that I picked Captain America and none of the Marvel fanboys mentioned that one.

    Otherwise things played out pretty much as I expected. Your proclivity for concentric circles, rainbows, etc. is now factored in. The giant hand is a bonus on that WF.

    #236 not quite as good but a nice selection of covers by the masters. While House of Mystery continues to waste a lot of cover real estate, this Wrightson cover is my pick. Close behind are Batman and Superman (both Adams), and Tarzan (another unbelievable Kubert). FF is a fun poster cover but just lots of standing around; I like the composition of Thor but it’s far from my favorite Kane Thor cover.

    Flash keeps up the grand tradition of giant hands. I have to wonder if Williams was paying a humorous homage to this grand tradition with Flash (1987).

    JOWA to Action for that costume. I want to see some stone cold cosplayer take on this one.

  8. Walter, I pushed the heck out of Ken and Atwood’s book, War Bears. Not that I sold many, my market for the most part is really not embracing the “whites” history, but I keep trying.

    The book put me back in touch with Ken, who is an old, old friend…he drew an original catalog cover for us in the nineties. He’s been teaching and this was his first comics project in some time. I really liked the book. Hope those guys signed and sold lots of them.

  9. I’ll get a report from him today Bud, but Ken Stacey said the books were moving yesterday. He’s at a booth selling the books with proceeds going to the CBLDF

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