Covered 365: Day 272

Blackhawk #272, DC Comics, September 1984, Artist: Dan Spiegle.

Hitler Cover! That would guarantee demand for any Golden Age cover. So what about this dramatic Copper Age cover to Blackhawk #272 by Dan Spiegle.

Mike Zeck really grabs our attention with his strong cover to Captain America #272.

Dan Gormley rounds out our day with a quality contribution in his cover to Four Color #272.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
4 years ago

The Blackhawk might have been pulled iff with a bit more artistic polish. The Four Color is simply meh. I do like the Cap tho. For Meli’s pick as a ‘Great’ cover on the Marvel Tales… Peter Parker does not have a neck like the Hulk… not even faintly great. The Uncanny X-Men looks like a grim and gritty Calvin Klein ad…C.K…. hmmmm related?… and talk about hot messes… that Legacy cover wishes it were as good as yesterdays Blackhawk!

David H
David H
4 years ago

I’ve come to appreciate two things with this exercise that I had previously ignored – Blackhawk and non-Barks Four Color covers

4 years ago

Wow Gerald coming in hotter than yesterday’s Blackhawk cover! Just wondering, was there ever a plane with a wing attached to the underside of a fuselage and then extended PAST the front of the fuselage? I invite the education.
Good to see Cap at least made it to the final 3, too bad about Blackhawk making it at all. I don’t understand why these war comics kept going into the eighties. Thank goodness Blackhawk reaches it’s end with 273.
Day 273 sees Four Color winning in my opinion. Just a well done and fun cover.
Runner’s up are Captain America, it’s a Zeck sickness I know, everything and everyone seems to be flying for no reason, but how fun is that guy with the parasol? Uncanny X-Men give us a ‘jaw-dropping’ cover by Lee, and X-Men Legacy makes me think of He-Man riding Battle Cat for some reason.
JOWAs abound, but I’ll give it to Detective for the stupid mask under a mask cover. Dr. Seuss took over cover duties for Action, so there’s that too.
WWWP? Thankfully not Blackhawk after tomorrow. 🙂

Chris Meli
4 years ago

We can do it, we can do it
We can help our Captain Am-y
We can make his suit less bloody
There’s nothing to it, really
We’ll lick the gore all from it
Put some bits of trash into it
When fighting Vermin in the sewers he’ll be impressive for sure
In the nice costume we’ll fix for Captain Am-y!

First it’s the shards of glass, now it’s Peter Parker’s neck – touchy touchy! I like the Blackhawk but not great, particularly because it is gratuitous.

C.K. is right about Four Color for tomorrow, but I see a tie with Thor so I’ll pick it.

I will miss Blackhawk as it and Jimmy Olsen have been the two major themes that I’ve seen through this exercise (no, giant hands are not even in the running). I am happy to see that the great Gil Kane turned in a first rate cover for this last issue.

Archie gives us a leisure suit that the DC romance cover guys could only dream about.

Again C.K. probably has the right JOWA, but Conan is right up there. Yeesh.

Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
4 years ago

Definitely in agreement on the Detective JOWA… honestly I don’t have a single issue of Batman’s comics from what I call the dumb years….