Covered 365: Day 315

World’s Finest #315, DC Comics, May 1985. Artist: Ed Hannigan.

Ed Hannigan’s eye-catching cover to World’s Finest #315 brings me back to some of the great pre-code horror eyeball covers, he goes a great job with this cover.

It’s hard not to like Daniel Branca’s cover to Donald Duck #315!

It’s hard not to include Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man covers, he really did some nice work at this time, ASM #315 is no exception.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

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Walter Durajlija
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  1. I didn’t pick this cover for very reason that you picked it. It seems more like a steal than a homage – I doubt many people who were buying this book were hearkening back to those Golden Age covers. Also I expect a homage to either improve the art or add something original – I don’t see either here.

    For #316 it has to be ASM. Batman and Incredible Hulk are also strong.

    It’s a shame that OAAW/Sgt. Rock #316 wasn’t #315, it would have been the perfect pick.

  2. Yes this does give a homage of sorts to Worlds of Fear… but only us geeks would know it so I think this WF works! Whats not to love about ducks and kittens?? I had to go to eBay to see the ASM as its a blank but when I saw it was a character called Hydroman I knew it wasn’t a good day for the House of Marvel.

  3. Fair critique Chris but it was slim pickings.

    Sorry the ASM didn’t take, had computer issues last night. “These Eyes” by the Guess Who works too Klaus.

  4. If only they had been green…. the Jimmy Dorsey tune would have been so much more appropriate!

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