Covered 365: Day 351

Captain America #351, Marvel Comics, March 1989. Artist: Kieron Dwyer.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

I had the Hulk as the winner until the last minute then I switched over, what won me over to Kieron Dwyer’s cover to Captain America #351 is the strong, quality, muscular rendering of Captain America, I tell you I’m getting a new appreciation for such subtleties.

Like I said above, I really dig the mood on Jeff Purves’ cover to Hulk #351.

I think Todd McFarlane saw Ernie Colon’s cover to Batman #351 and fixed it in his Batman #423 cover.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. Although I enjoyed many of the “grey Hulk/ Mr. Fixit” stories, to look at this cover is to see the wisdom of Marvel’s changing Hulk’s initial grey skin to green. The Hulk gets lost, a black hole in a sea of (not particularly effective color). The yellow end lighting is obviously an attempt to combat this, but only partially successful. Even the orangish throne (?) on which the Hulk sits outshines him, particularly as orange is the complement of blue, thereby focusing our attention on the Hulk’s baby-blue panties, and–dare I say it?–his crotch. Coloring issues aside, though, not a bad cover.

  2. Hope you feel better. My nominees for #352 would be Archie, Thor, Batman, Walt Disney Comics & Stories, and to my mind, the winner: Sgt. Rock (which I’d never heard of as a title, that I recall, but I assume was a name change from Our Army at War?) Sorry to double-dip today.

  3. I liked the Captain America #351 above, but felt the yellow background was not quite the right choice, so I migrated toward DD #351. Also, liked the cover of Thor #351 as another possibility, and Sgt Rock #351 worked well as it made me squirm a little.

    Like Joe, I enjoyed the Mr. Fixit/HULK storylines (his curse was finally working in his favor) but the HULK #351 cover just didn’t work for me.

    But today belonged to a true JOWA – as nominated yesterday – Superman #351. Was somebody listening to the oldie “Purple People Eater” song when they drew that monstrosity? And we have all referenced the various artists that have populated this list, but the various Superman titles have been the hands down winner for the best supply of JOWAs.

  4. I like your color commentary Bob,and thanks for the well wishes to Bob and Dave.

    Hey Derrick, remember in the Flintstone’s when Fred and Barney are looking at the old painting (Grandma Hatrock I think) and Fred says “Ba’an I don’t know what the artist got for that… but he should have got Life!”

  5. If the yellow background gradually changed tone it wouldn’t look so blah… the figures are great tho! Can’t say I feel that way about the other two covers however

  6. At the time the grey Hulk was like new retro wave, but now it seems to me to be too out of character. I kind of like the cover but not enough – agree with Bob that the coloring doesn’t help. I think the Batman is awful.

    I don’t think I will agree with Bob that Sgt. Rock is the pick for #352, but it is very apropos for our situation – “Buy Me Some Time!” That’s how I feel with the cover selection at this point. Luckily ASM is a very nice poster, so I can pick it. It has that nice blue background, so you should like that. Hulk is runner up as a nice action piece, even if it is that goofy grey Hulk.

    Batman a particularly bad comparison to the classic Adams #219.

    DD is a JOWA possibility for DD’s goofy expression, but the award has to go to Adventure. “Search the Galaxy!” “Okay – should be possible – I have this printout photo of the guy I’m looking for – how hard should it be?”

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