Comic Culture November 8th 2017

This week Comic Culture hosts Chris Owen and Walter Durajlija talk comics and comic movies.

So just kick back, relax and enjoy this week’s Comic Culture.

Oh, and please, please make sure you go out and support your local comic book shop.

Comic Culture is written by Walter Durajlija and engineered by Chris Owen.

Enjoy Comic Culture’s November 8th 2017 Edition:

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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6 years ago

Universal’s Dark Universe isn’t doing so well, so maybe Hasbro is feeling tepid. But Hasbro, Valiant and Gambit have been in the news for so long… I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe it’s eventual but I hope the appetite doesn’t wane by the time they get around to it.

FF#1, CGC 4.0 is a $5000 book but the last sale jumped to $7000. Is this a mistake or an outlier? Maybe, except that the last sale of a 4.5 was $6000, which probably helped facilitate the 4.0 sale. The sale occurred on Nov 1 so did the buyer have some inside info? Who knows… but I think most people here have felt that the FF#1 has been undervalued for quite some time. For one thing, there is relative scale with other keys from this era. It’s not a must, but it has always been so why would this change? But also, as books like AF#15 and Hulk #1 rises out of reach for most buyers who are getting by on an average income, collectors who love this era will be looking at other options within their field of interest. Looking at the rest of the spectrum…

1.0 went from $1500 to over $2000 in recent sales.
2.0 went from being a $2500 during 2016, progressively rising to $4800 last sale. Almost double!!
5.0 is doing well at about $9500, but has yet to reach it’s peak of $11000 which was probably an outlier anyway back in 2015.
6.0 jumped from an average of $15k to a whopping $27k last sale. Again… a near double!!!

Current sellers have taken note and their ask seems ridiculous without this context. Despite comments made by Walter, all these sales were pre Disney/Fox news, which suggests that the love for FF#1 goes deeper than any movie potential. Nothing is written in stone but there is enough on the charts here to suggest that this trend will continue, so load up on them FF’s.

Also, it’s been strongly suggested that the Skulls will be the next Thanos so pick up FF#2’s while you’re at it. And if you’ve got the Secret Invasion mini series from few years ago, hang on to them for now. All will be made more clear after Captain Marvel…

6 years ago


Chris Meli
Chris Meli
6 years ago

Catching up a month late and correcting for posterity – the first meeting of Avengers and X-Men was not Avengers #9, but X-Men #9.

The last FF #1 sale in higher grade appears to show that that $27k 6.0 sale was seller advantage, as on 7 December a 7.0 went for $28k. However I agree that in general the book will grind higher.