Looking Forward In 2022

This week Chris and Walt talk a bit about what to expect in 2022. What will the comic book market look like this year? Listen in and see what the boys have to say.

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Any predictions for 2022?

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Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Great to hear you guys back on the air!

    On Insta it seems the done thing is to post the 6 books that you are chasing this year – all have to be big, expensive keys.

    I haven’t been able to participate because looking through my goals, every single one is a run…I guess that makes me a reader/run-collector/old-school/hot-book-avoider.

    The only book that’s of any considerable worth is a 9+ ASM121…a wise man put me onto the 119-124 run and I’m got the rest of the 5 in 9.0 condition (raw).

  2. Spider! Wise knows Wise. That’s such a refreshing 6 pack in the Spidey run, nice job on getting the 5 so far, I sold a CGC 9.0 to a guy two months ago and he still hasn’t paid! I’ll give him a little longer but…

  3. Well, although I would really like to divest myself of my comics … there is one I always wanted that isn’t quite out if my means yet… Weird Science Fantasy #29.
    I am intrigued by just what Archie cover you like. There were some fantastic covers in the late 50’s early 60’s. Jughead on his deathbed, Archie being arrested, Archie and Jughead being chased up the Eiffel Tower by jewel thieves…
    Sorry Spider, I have an ASM 121 but not in that grade.
    40 minutes this week fellas… bravo!!

  4. I am a proud owner of Jet Dream 1 and Walt I would have given you my copy.

    After watching one of the year end auctions I felt that comic collecting would return to slow and steady with a few jumps.

    The first heritage auction for 2022 changed my mind.

    The Spider-Man black costume original art hitting 7x what I expected is an indicator. If you get a chance to watch “The Price of Everything” (2018) you may get a sense of what the future may bring.

    The highest percentage gains so far from Heritage’s first signature auction of 2022 are Marge’s Little Lulu 1, All-American 100 (a Western), All Star Comics 37, Cap 62, Boy Comics 4 (Hitler) and Superman 24. We are all over the map.

    I have noticed a resurgence in Gold Key’s Star Trek 1, so yes franchises matter, but it is also what have you done for me lately. And Indiana Jones is messed up by the 1980s stigma. That is a topic you could tackle.

    I completely agree with your comment on the amount of million dollar comics that we will see this year, but I also believe we may have our first $10M comic. There are a whole bunch of comics in that range now and those rare high-grade key golden age comics may finally show up.

    Chris if you are after those winter motif’s I am sure you know about Strange Adventures 79.

  5. Gerald! I was an unsuccessful bidder on a Strange Adventures 79 a couple of times. I love that cover.

  6. Gerald, don’t you fret on that ASM#121, I know where a nice one is located (In Canada, the home of lovely men with lovely comics!)…it’s your #129 I’m saving feverishly for 🙂

  7. Hey Chris O…I reached out to a lovely Canadian collector I deal with to see if I could help with House of Secrets..no luck…the poor fellow only has one book in the whole run…#92…poor schmuck!!!!

  8. Hi Guys – really love your show / please keep doing your thing ( enjoy the booze side chat as well – I like Canadian whiskey / US bourbon). The insight you both share as dealers is so valuable for a collector like me who doesn’t wheel & deal on the market. I buy what I like to read and let the chips fall where they land ( ex. Thunder Agents, Gold Key Jesse Santos art – Occult files of Doctor Spektor + shit tons of 60’s Marvel.)
    p.s Thanks for the article on “Synthetic Assassin” – friend of mine ( David Baggley) did the art for American Annihilator and it just opened up great memories of those B&W indies from the 80’s. Who else would cover this subject !?! Awesome –

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