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Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
16 days ago

Good thoughts as usual… must have something to do with the drinks.
Indeed selling comics is a bit of work which you hi-lighted some time ago on a previous show which was my guide. I spent an average of 12 hours a week, some weeks more some not at all, for a 20 month period. Some comics I got top dollar for and some I ended up selling for lower than average market (still making money due to how long I had them)as I needed to move the bulk of 34 boxes. I never felt ripped off although I did cancel a couple sales as the buyers were trying to pull something that seemed shady to me. It was fun at times, exhausting at times ( I did walk 98% of sales to the local PO), and there were even annoying times. I am glad I did it myself and kept a 100% rating with many very nice comments in feedback. Of the 4 boxes of comics I kept I still have some great books…maybe I will let you know what and why someday.

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