The Toronto Cartoonist Workshop Has New Courses and a New Location!

It’s a new semester for the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop, with new courses, new instructors, and a brand new workspace.  Starting this fall, the TCW will have a permanent space on College Street.  If you’ve ever had the inkling to create comics and don’t know where to start, or just wish to perfect your craft, the Toronto Cartoonist Workshop is a great opportunity.

List of Fall Courses

Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp Level One
Instructor: Ty Templeton

Skin and Bones: Discovering Anatomy in Drawing
Instructor: Geordie Millar

Paper Acting: Expressive Anatomy and It’s Uses in Graphic Storytelling
Instructor: Leonard Kirk

What Lies Beneath: Perspective and Object Drawing for Comics and Animation
Instructor: Scott Caple

Cartooning and Illustration for Kids: Ages 9-11
Instructor: Dave Lapp

Visit for all the details.

If you’re going to Fanexpo Canada, be sure to check out the TCW’s Holmes Inc. booth.  Graduates of Ty Templeton’s Comic book bootcamp have published their first Fit to Print Project and it looks good.  Up-and-coming writers, artists, inkers, and letterers have collaborated on this  new spin on the Sherlock Holmes.  You might even be able to snag a new sketch or two.   Check out their progress at

Jill Nagel is a comic book enthusiast and  struggling writer.  She blogs at and is willing to write for food.

Jill Nagel
Jill Nagel

Jill Nagel spends her time commuting between Hamilton and Toronto and would like to thank the TCW for all its great work. She also rants about George RR Martin and Game of Thrones on her blog"

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