Time Capsule: DC Releases July ’86

A continued look at pre-internet publisher’s comics solicitations, this time: DC Releases July ’86.

Cover spotlight on Graphic Novel #7: Metalzoic, by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. Interior highlight on Son Of Ambush Bug: man did they flog this line every issue of DC Releases. Plus Legend Of Wonder Woman, V and DC Comics Presents. Dark Knight #2 listed, still with no fanfare, much like The Shadow #3 in deluxe format.

The back cover has short introductions by Denny O’Neil and Mike Gold on their return to DC, Swamp Thing #50 and another plug for Son of Ambush Bug.

DC Releases July '86 Page 1

DC Releases July '86 Page 2

DC Releases July '86 Page 3

DC Releases July '86 Page 4

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Scott VanderPloeg

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