Time Capsule: DC Releases June ’86

A continued look at pre-internet publisher’s comics solicitations, this time: DC Releases June ’86.

Cover spotlight on The Blue Beetle, with interior emphasis on Star Trek, Elvira’s House Of Mystery and Blue Devil. I spotted The Legend Of Wonder Woman issue 2 by Kurt Busiek and Trina Robbins; had no idea this existed. As well SF Graphic Novel #4: The Merchants Of Venus. Remember when Marvel and DC were publishing a graphic novel line with completely outside-the-superhero-box material?

Premiering with absolutely no additional sales pitch was The Dark Knight #1, listed as a comic-size graphic novel.

DC Releases June '86 Page 1

DC Releases June '86 Page 2

DC Releases June '86 Page 3

DC Releases June '86 Page 4

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