Today’s Overvalued Overstreet spotlight features one of my favourite comics of all time: Tales of Suspense #49. I still own a beautiful copy of the book, and it will probably be one of those books that goes to the people who I leave behind when I am resting in an urn on somebody’s mantle. They of course will probably sell it – before the dust settles 😊. I am only telling you this to illustrate just how much this book means to me. Growing up this was one tough book for me to find. When I finally did get one it was a dog-eared beat-up copy from a used book store. With the advent of the internet more copies became available and I upgraded a couple of times before getting an in-grade copy. It was a hot book and pretty well always went over guide.

At some point over the past 3-4 years the bloom fell off the rose with this book. I don’t know if the market need for the book became satisfied, or if Overstreet finally over-shot the perceived market value of Tales of Suspense #49, but books are not being sold at current guide prices. I still track the book pretty closely (bargain hunting) and this book can be had for 10-20% below guide for grades from 4.0-9.2. A quick look at the current “for sale “section at ComicLink shows more of the same. A nice 8.0 that someone is trying to sell for $600 (10% below guide), a 6.5 that sold well below guide (30% plus) and five other books with no bids. Not very inspiring.

Tales Of Suspense issue 49 page 2 by Steve Ditko and Paul Reinman. Source.

Tales of Suspense #49 is still a solid book with many fine attributes and connections to key books in the early days of Marvel’s super-hero renaissance. I covered this book and those-tie-ins in Undervalued Spotlight #209. I love those early super-hero books with Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko art.

As a collector, I still like this book and so does Overstreet. Maybe we both like it a bit too much. We know that Overstreet will likely not adjust prices downward on this book, but hold prices and wait for a catch-up. If you are an investor the book looks like a bargain in Overstreet right now, but it might be “dead money” for awhile if the current market for the book continues or worsens.

Tales Of Suspense issue 49 page 16 by Steve Ditko and Paul Reinman. Source.

I hate picking on this book, but as Darren Graham once commented here, “You have to call a spade a spade”.

46th Overstreet Price guide values for this book are as follows 6.0 $246/8.0 $656/9.0 $1478/9.2 $2300.