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It’s time for another week of comic insanity on Why are we thinking about this?

Is Cyclops colorblind?

Cyclops: Well, I'm rightly screwed.

Alright, so we know that Cyclops wears a ruby quartz visor all the time or else he blows the crap out of stuff. This brings up the question: Does Cyclops see everything in red? If you took a piece of colored glass and put it over your eyes, you would see everything in that color but since his visor is a deep ruby quartz the filter effect must be more pronounced. This makes for all kinds of weird situations like: How can Cyclops drive if he can’t see signal colors? I guess you could say that he remembers the positions of the lights. This color blindness might also explain the garish costume designs for the X-Men! And when someone pointed out how badly the colors in their suits clash, Cyclops said screw it and made the X-Force suits all black!

Can heroes with Super-Strength get stronger by working out?

One of the few instances of this taking place happens in the pages of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible where Mark works out even though he is gifted with super-strength from his biology in order to get stronger. Now, guys like Superman or Spider-Man are never shown working out in their comics, possibly because it would be boring and a waste of page space. But if they devoted a lot of their time to pumping iron, would they get strong enough that they could finish up their fights a whole lot quicker? Instead of wasting time punching Doc Ock in a 20 minute fight, he should just hit him once really hard and end it. It might make for shorter fight scenes against his classic enemies, but they just need to think up better ones to fight.

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