Why are we thinking about this? #9

Apologies for the hiatus but we’re backing with another mindnumbing installment of Why are we thinking about this?

What happens to size-changing superheroes that eat before size alterations?

In Marc Millar’s Ultimates, it is specifically stated by the Wasp to not eat food before shrinking down or things could “get messy”. It’s pretty much implied that the food doesn’t shrink down with them, meaning they would explode from the inside out. But is this what would really happen? I believe that the objects contained within the person must be subject to the shrinking process, as if it was only genetic material that managed to shrink or reduce in size, every shrinking would instantly kill them, as their stomach acid or water are constantly changing parts of the body that would not be changed by their growth abilities and not shrink imploding them. Therefore I assert that it’s perfectly ok for them to eat or drink before shrinking!

Can Daredevil drive a car?

This thing is the archenemy of Cyclops and Daredevil

Daredevil possesses a radar-sense that allows him to perform a number of tasks that even sighted people could never do, but since his powers are purely echo-location, is it possible for him to drive a car? He would be able to sense cars and pedestrians in his path, but since he’s located in New York City, there must be traffic lights all over the place. Is there any possible explanation a writer could come up with that would allow him to sense when a light is on a certain position on the traffic light? As if he knows the light is lit up in the top position, he doesn’t have to know it’s the color red, he just needs to know that the top one means stop. Are there any other situations that might arise from having a blind man with radar sense driving a car? There would be a huge problem with reading road signs, he could only tell the shapes but not the pictures. So while he can do a octagonal stop sign, the other similar shaped ones like watch out for deer would be very bad. He would also be stuck in traffic ALL the time since he can’t read those electronic billboards that explain traffic conditions.

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