Auction Highlights March 24, 2024

I didn’t make it to the warehouse this weekend so I’ll have to attack the “heading to eBay auction” in the next day or so to get the lots ready for Jay to do his magic with. I didn’t want to go without a post though and seeing as how Sunday night’s icecollectibles auction on eBay was a big one I thought I’d grab a dozen results to see if I can spot a pattern or at least to see if the mix of results gives me some sort of feeling as to the state of the market, at least for the narrow range of books I’m featuring.

Our CGC 9.4 copy of Swamp Thing #1 earned $880, which was a strong improvement over the last recorded sale of $757. This book has a record high of $1,136 and has traded in the $400 to $1,000 range for the last 4 years. I’d say this book is holding its own, our sale was within reach of the record high, something too many books can’t claim these days.

The New Teen Titans #2 we had up sold for $283.50 which was down about 8% from the previous sale of $309. This book got as high as $626 but is now trading in the $235 to $425 range it was trading back in 2016.

This one was a nice surprise, our Booster Gold #1 Canadian Price Variant CGC 9.8 fetched $860 which was well above the $628 it got in October of 2023. The peak price for this book was $1,192 with our result being the second highest this book has earned.

The CGC 9.8 Rom #1 sold for $188.50, just below the last sale of $192. Rom #1 has been as high as $695 but now seems to have settled in near its 2018 range of $195 to $325.

We took a beating on this one! Our Special Marvel Edition #15 CGC 9.2 only got $288.88 well below the last sale of $425. Believe it or not a CGC 9.2 of this book peaked at $2,500! Quite the haircut. You’d have to go back to 2018 to get to a sale lower than ours.

Our CGC 9.8 Spider Woman #1 realized $169.50, below the last sale of $197. The book has traded as high as $1,025 and for similar values to our sale you’d have to go back to 2019 when it traded between $100 and $325.

We did well with our CGC 9.8 Spawn #1, it got $139 which was well above the last sale of $110. Spawn #1 peaked at $1,070 while you’d have to go back to 2016 to see its high sale for the year near our result.

A CGC 7.5 is not a great grade for Star Wars #1 but it’s such a staple I had to include it, our copy earned $186.5, well below the last sale $219. I think that extra guy we needed in the mix for this auction fell asleep on the couch. A CGC 7.5 peaked at $453.

Covers sell books! Our CGC 9.8 Daredevil #183 closed at $233.50, just pipping the last sale of $225. A CGC 9.8 maxed out at $474, this year it has been trading in the $150 to $233 range, our sale was this year’s high sale to date.

The big book of the auction turned out to be our CGC 9.8 Stan Lee Signature Series of Giant Size Dr. Strange #1. The book has only ever sold once before, for $1,450 back in 2020, our $2,066.99 was a great result.

The results are mixed as are the signals. There is a re-occurring pattern of prices falling back to the pre pandemic prices of the late teens but there are also a few near record prices and there are a few prices pushing things back almost a decade. Forget about peak prices they are out of reach now; I think the fact that we had a bunch of results come in above last sale and a bunch come in below last sale tells us we’re not in a free fall anymore but neither are we jetting forward. It’s a small sample size I know I think the results are in line with the general market sentiment.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
16 days ago

I did check out your eBay listings and it was an impressive assortment. My Swamp Thing #1 ( I had 2) in raw did well but of course nowhere near your graded copy although around the price of my midgrade HoS 92. Interestingly the rest of the Bernie run was slower to sell.. You had a couple nice FF’s that are among the run I kept. I kept FF 35-75 which I feel is probably the best 40 issue run of any book, any decade! Because my house is mostly empty and no more displays on walls, I do keep three plate holders and display just a handful of comics on a dresser which is the only piece of furniture besides a bed left upstairs ( awaiting the return of our passports from consulate).

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