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There is such a difference with going back to work after the September Labor Day holiday compared to going back to work after July 1st Canada Day and/or Independence Day July 4th. I think they should just write the month of July off, give everyone a rest so we can go back hard in August, ok, maybe wade back in in August but for sure go back hard in September.

The show must go on! Yeah its summer but the weekly auctions still have to go up, the “going to eBay auction” pile still has to be sifted through and from that pile I still have to pick a Cover of the Week. This week I’m going with Airboy Vol 7 #1 from February 1940, drawn by Ernest Schroeder. I like the simplicity of this cover. This cover also serves as a great example of the power of covers, take Airboy Vol 4 #8 from a few years prior, in 1947, you know the one with the girl tied to the plane propeller, and compare it to this cover below in terms of market demand and market value, not even close. Its a cover driven word we live in, so choose those covers wisely.

I found a solid copy of X-Men #58 in the eBay auction pile and I was going to use the splash page for our Splash of the week, luckily I kept leafing through the book and turned to this delicious double splash page from the mighty Neal Adams. Neal was known for his little runs on titles like X-Men, Strange Adventures, Batman, Avengers, Spectre and more, which was the most impactful, the most collected? I’d have to say his Batman stint but followed in 2nd by his X-Men run.

Our ad of the week comes from Warren’s Eerie Magazine #3, at first I thought it was another variation of the Charles Atlas kicking sand in the face ad to help build muscles but on closer inspection it turns out to be an anti smoking ad from the mid 1960s and to top it all off the ad was drawn by the great Frank Frazetta. Cool ad.

Some stable results came out of last nights edition of our weekly icecollectibles eBay auction. The closer for the night was this X-Men #12 CGC 6.0, I was holding out hope that it could breach the $1,000 mark and after a valiant effort it closed at $911, well above the last sale but in line with the recent average of $924 over the past 6 sales. Great early Marvel key at a reasonable price.

Um, this Master of Kung Fu #89 sold for $22.50, I don’t want to talk about it.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
15 days ago

Oh! Forgot to wish you a happy Canada day! I went to an expat meetup at a local tavern that was fun for the fourth! Always loved Airboy and believe I only kept a couple from my collection! I big thumbs up to Mr. Adams run on X-men… all my issues sold rightfully! Love the Frazetta ad…and while that kid may have gotten off the cigs the sight of his girlfriend as rendered by Frank must take his breath away! Don’t mention Euro 2024…☹️

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