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We, ICE via our internationalcollectiblesexchange eBay store, are going to launch our Fist Annual Canadiana Comics eBay Auction very soon, all the lots will be posted on the evening of Friday, June 18th with the 10-day auction ending Monday, June 28th, which means the auction will end a few days before Canada Day on July 1st.

ICE has already posted some Instagram pics and Ivan Kocmarek has begun promoting the event through his Society for the Promotion of Canadian Comics (SPCC). Canadian comics turned 80 this March (Better Comics #1 by Maple Leaf Publishing hit the stands March 1941) and the SPCC is planning some commemorative events including some virtual conferences in the fall – more details to come.

Proceeds from some of the items being put up auction will go directly to help fund the SPCC, I’m donating a bunch of stuff including that very key Canadian Heroes V2 #5 featuring the first appearance of Canada Jack.

I’ll tease out some more pics next week, I hope everyone checks out the auction, there will be some very unique stuff put up for auction. I’m also planning to really stack the internationalcollectiblesexchange regular weekly eBay auction that will be closing on Sunday June 27th, should be an epic week!

This week it felt like we had a tame eBay auction, I think the quality of books we put up this week was a bit lacking. We had some winners but just not enough of them. I’m going to put up some gems this Thursday night! One of the aforementioned winners closing last night was a smart-looking Tales from the Crypt #34 in CGC 4.5 which sold for $427 USD. Hard to find a comparable as the last 4.5 sold back in 2017 for $200 but a CGC 6.0 got $528 in May so our copy did ok. Such a strong cover, Advantage Buyer all day.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. That TftC is great… and one I don’t have! You failed to mention how some poor fool~cough~ spent 90 bucks in a Disney mini comic however!

  2. Funny story Gerald, the guy that listed that for sale paid $120 for it, it was in a pile of books he really wanted but the seller made him buy that one as well. After fees my guy got a little hair cut on that one.

  3. While it is damaged… I think it enhances the other sets of the Disney giveaways that I have, which are pretty much as they came out of the cereal box… plus it didn’t cost me $120!

  4. Looking forward to the – First – Annual Canadiana Comics Auction! I’ve posted a note in the Canada Comics section of the DCM. I don’t have anything to contribute but will be transferring modest funds to Paypal shortly. Thanks for doing this, hope it’s a success!

  5. Say, Gerald, I think those 1947 Disney Cheerios giveaways were mail-away premiums that came in the mail, not in the cereal box. I once owned a couple of those alpha-numeric Cheerios sets that were still with their original mailing envelopes, but the only one I kept, and still have, is da Bomb. May I say … though I really don’t know … “advantage buyer”?

  6. You are a Champ collector in my opinion Gerald. Love that old Disney stuff

  7. Apologies Scott – as Gerald has clarified. They have a section devoted to WW2 Canadian comics of which I’ve posted digital copies of the small collection in my collection. Tons, or at least 20,000+, of golden age comics of all kinds.

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