Some of the veterans will remember the Overstreet Price Guides back in the old days with their big blocks of issue numbers getting lumped in under one price, Daredevil #41-60 $4 etc. Over the years though the Guide kept breaking down and highlighting more and more issues. Looking at the Guide today it’s really hard seeing any kind of run lumped in under one price for marquee titles like Amazing Spider-Man and Batman.

It’s funny how we just take things for face value when we are young, I remember going through these old Guides and thinking nothing of all the newly separated issues when the new Guide would come out. Looking back now of course I realize that our hobby was still developing, people were constantly discovering important information about certain comic book issues and this in turn would end up driving demand and prices. The thing was that these discoveries did not all get flushed out over a 3 or 4 year period in fact they are still not completely flushed out and that is what I want to talk about with today’s post.

How much more is there to discover when we look back through almost 90 years of comic books?

Have we flushed out all the first appearances? I say we are not even close? Will some of these new first appearance discoveries go on to become highly collected issues? I think they will.

I’m not talking about some recognized cheap first appearance of a minor character that gets a boost because of a movie, I’m talking about discovering a new first appearance. I don’t even know how the verification process would go? I have seen in the past books recognized as first appearances get demoted the year after because it was discovered that it was another comic that contained the first appearance.

It’s not just first appearances though, it could be first cover appearances, first Wonder Woman in bondage, the first woman in a war battle scene, first rainbow on a cover, first sexual innuendo in comics, the first mention of this or mention of that. Under time constraint I’m not coming up with some very good ones but you get my point. What is there still to discover in our old comic collections. You may be sitting on a very important book and here you are using it as padding for some other fancy books.

Obviously it’s getting harder but you can’t tell me that we know all there is to know, that we’ve discovered all there is to discover. Perhaps there are even new “first ??? in comics” things to discover.

Any of you sitting on a discovery and willing to share? You’ve squirreled away enough copies buy now.