I read a story a few days ago about the Target store chain in the States suspending sales of Pokémon Cards because someone drew a gun during some kind of altercation over limited product. The scene got me to thinking of our discussions over these past few months about how hot the collectibles market has become and about how the stuff is starting to cross over from the insular collecting communities into the population at large.

Now, this kind of thing can happen even within the collecting community and I wasn’t there to make any judgements. What I will try to say is that misunderstandings are more likely to happen with a larger group participating in something they may not be well versed in. It’s hard trying to jump into a game you know very little about, into a game where you are unfamiliar with what all your options are and what the real opportunity costs of missing out are. More and more people with less and less understanding of collectibles are really shaking things up in our hobbies.

It’s a difficult time for these newcomers, it may seem to them like they are jumping into a huge gold rush. Unfortunately, a lot of poor decisions will be made by these newbies, sometimes thanks to poor advice and even more times because of a lack of information, something a new collector has some control over. It’s easy for me to sit here and type that you should research more, ask more questions, find yourself some trusted resources be they websites, podcasts, local comic shops etc. It’s impossible to learn what someone with a lifetime of immersion knows but it is possible to understand a few fundamentals.

The collecting community at large should welcome and help these newcomers when and where ever we can, sometimes in comments fields, sometimes through blogs, sometimes at local comic shops and on. We all have a vested interest in making our hobby grow, though perhaps you might want to wait until you finish that Rex Allen run or buy up all those Sasquatch appearances before you start giving away the good advice.

Speaking of chaos, we had another great auction through our internationalcollectiblesexchange store on eBay but again I want to highlight a DC bargain. Teen Titans #2 from March 1966 in a solid CGC 5.5 grade sold for a lousy $37.66. Here’s some advice for new collectors and investors – grad Silver Age DCs. Advantage buyer.