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I’ve already fallen behind on my warehouse updates! The plan is to still be out by October 31st of this year so I’ve already eaten up two months of this year and have only eight months to get the job done. It doesn’t look like I’ve made much of a dent but the important thing is that I’m trying. I have a few tent sale events lined up for May and June, those things always bring out the bulk buyers. I think I’m going to try a few eBay auctions where I list a whole long box of comics for sale, the shipping will be ridiculous but I’m really targeting the local pick-up crown.

Speaking of local pick-ups, young Chad here looks like he’s doing alright. Love and Romances #62 easily wins Cover of the Week and it also gets yanked out of the “going to eBay auctions” pile to be put delicately into Walt’s PC pile. The great Vince Colletta shows us it’s not always all about Baker.

I’m not sure what Richard Comely was picking up in his flashy new AMC Pacer back in the 1970s but by some miracle I found this ad, which will serve as out ad of the week, that Richard made up for the occasion back in 1976 I believe. The funny part of this story is that Richard was in for a visit last week, we had a good chat and in one of his reminiscing he mentioned when he convinced an AMC dealership to give him an AMC Pacer to drive around as the official Captain Canuck vehicle. Richard had just sold 500,000 copies of Captain Canuck #1 and it was national news here in Canada at the time. Good on AMC for stepping up to help our good Captain get around town in style.

Did someone say local pick-up? Check this collection I just snagged last week; I need more of these! The good news is most of these are heading to our weekly icecollectibles eBay auctions.

Um…? Well I guess I can’t quit now. I’m not sure where our boy picked that thing up but it looks like it could come in real handy at a picnic. Is How Rands a real name? Sometimes these artists used fake names to hide their shame. Anyway Mr. Rands provides us with our splash of the week and he also helps remind everyone that we’re starting to auction off original are in our weekly eBay auctions.

The weekly icecollectibles eBay auction that ended last night was heavy on great books, nice raws and nice slabs were in the offering. It’s funny how the run up to the movie helped Amazing Spider-Man #210 on the back issue markets, the book had a bit of a rebound but since the disappointing reception the movie got this book has again lost ground. All we could muster was $248.50 USD versus the last sale of $287.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Chris Meli
Chris Meli
4 months ago

Good choice to hold onto that Love Romances, that is a killer.

That is a great collection alright. A good photo for thinking, “If I could have only one of these, which would it be?” A no-brainer for me, so first I have to exclude the #76.

If the girl wears heels on a dirt road in the forest, the choice of picnic basket is perfect.

Madame Web – what were they thinking?

4 months ago

The fact that Madame Web could somehow get past all the barriers and get a green light – the entire production and Quality Assurance process is broken. I do like the cover of the comic, nice colour palette. Surely dad was helping JRJR during the ASM run, because nothing he’s drawn after that….um….looks similar (that was me being kind, I’m trying).

Another agreement with Chris, I think I’ll take a few pills and lie down until it passes, but yeah GL#76…followed by more Adam’s with the X-Men#58….I do own a lot of those issues in that picture though…but the GL is special!

‘That is the strangest picnic basket i’ve ever seen’ hahahaha, excellent!

Vince Colletta
Vince Colletta
4 months ago

Thank you for the props. Matt Baker surely was a creative force. Colletta had the ability to depict people realistically, a talent that other comic book artists lacked. They formed a good team for the short time that Baker worked at the Colletta studio.

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