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Okay, the holidays are done! Time to get to work. I’ve got less than 10 months to clear out of the warehouse I’m in right now. I can say that we’ve put a good initial dent into the toys, we’ve cleared out most of our video games and consoles, but we haven’t even started into the cards, and the progress on the comic books has been minimal. I have started putting more bulk lots from the warehouse up on our weekly icecollectibles eBay auctions; I think I’ll be hitting my stride with these by the end of this month. I’ll need to put up a good volume of large lots on a consistent basis to have a chance at pulling the great escape off. Feel free to throw in some bids…

A few people reached out to me after last week’s post on the path ahead for our hobby; I appreciate the support. I’m awaiting the results of Heritage Auctions’ big Signature Auction that will be ending next week. There are some amazing, I mean absolutely incredible books being auctioned off. Let’s review those results when they come in, I think it will paint us a pretty good picture of the state of the hobby, well, at least the high end of the hobby.

In this week’s “headed to eBay auction” pile I found the complete Eternals mini-series by Neil Gaiman. I’ve always been floored by Rick Berry’s painted covers on this series and the first issue is the best of the lot, a spellbinding cover!

The splash of the week comes from the 1976 Superman vs. Amazing Spider-Man treasury edition. This great splash is credited to Ross Andru with Neal Adams getting Superman redraw credits. This is a great action scene, nots of details in the city scape and a super cool giant robot trashing the place. The only thing better than a two-page splash is a two-page splash in a treasury edition!

I was digging the Superman/Spider-Man treasury so much I thought I’d tun the back page pin up instead of an ad. How cool is this pin up! Again, Ross Andru and Neal Adams get the credits.

Our latest weekly icecollectibles eBay auction ended last night, I was watching the Tomb of Dracula #1 with interest as I see it as one of those staple, tier 2 Marvel Bronze Age books. Not as sought after as your Tomb of #10s or your Marvel Spotlight #5’s but tucked in neatly behind those books. Our CGC 7.0 White pager fetched $335, which beat the 90-day average telling me the book has perhaps put its low marks behind it.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Chris Meli
Chris Meli
6 months ago

I never had any interest in Tomb of Dracula, but #1 grows on me because of a) nostalgia, b) the Adams red cover. I probably won’t get one but I like to look at it.

Adams mentioned many times above, but the market doesn’t seem to love him as much as I think it should. Not to give too much away, but my favorite thing in that Heritage auction is by Adams and isn’t a comic book. I guess I shouldn’t be too cagey because I’m sure it will end way out of reach.