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Last night we closed out our icecollectibles semi-annual Canadiana eBay auction, 237 lots sold, some did poorly, some did as expected and some did fantastic. Thiought there was a good amount of strong finishes, please see the bottom of post for a few reviews.

We’re right back into the swing of our normal 10 day eBay auction, as I was drumming up some new lots for a soon to come auction I spotted this Comic Album #3, from Dell, from 1958. Am I the only guy that can’t tell a Carl Barks just by looking at it? I thought this was a Barks issue and set it aside to talk about its beauty and simplicity, then I went to comics.org and saw it was drawn by Tony Strobl. No offence to Tony but his name does not sell newspapers nor does it lend well to me espousing over nice artwork. I thought of abandoning the issue because I had lost my angle but then thought that way too elitist, I like this cover, Tony drew it, good on Mr. Strobl.

Speaking of classic artists with immense talent, check out this splash page from Star Wars #42 by the great Al Williamson. I wonder if Mr. Williamson had those same thoughts as Sir Alec Guinness? Was it Bug Bunny or Yosemite Sam that said “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. That is some fine artwork.

I spotted this LEGO ad on the back cover to Star Wars #42 and it reminded me of the guy I talked to a few weeks ago about LEGO. He wanted me to find him old sealed Batman LEGOs and I had no clue as to where to start looking other than online. When i saw this ad I realized this was a generic LEGO set, the company did not have to pay any royalties to Marvel or Disney or DC to sell these old sets. I looked up and found out LEGO only started using other intellectual property for their sets in the very late 1990s, 1999 I believe. I guess what we don’t realize it that LEGO had it going on for decades before adding other properties to its line. I wonder how the old sets compare to the early Marvel and DC adaptations in the collecting community?

As I mentioned above, our semi-annual icecollectibles Canadiana eBay auction ended last night with lots of interesting results. Of the 237 lots we did not get the $9.99 opening bid on 2 items, some Hamilton Spectator Weekend mags from 1957 and a lot of 4 Chapterhouse Sketch cover Summer Specials. The big book of the night was the very tough Manhunt #12, our CGC 6.0 is the single highest graded copy and it earned $11,155, I couldn’t tell you where that book should have ended at, I thought it did well. I thought our Canadian Price Variants (CPVs) performed well as a sub genre, even the raw CPVs did well I think. We’re already squirreling away items for the next one, thanks to all for your bids.

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Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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David Mackay
David Mackay
20 days ago

Hi Walt. I love the Carl Barks story telling. But I found his covers weak, and less amusing then almost all other artists. Methinks that Dell comics editors agreed, and used other, better gag artists, for that reason. Many people agree. Many don’t. It’s strange, Carl Barks legend has faded in the last two decades. What do you think?

20 days ago

Adult Fans Of Lego (AFOL, pronounce awful) will pay a pretty penny for original era kits – especially boxed and with instructions. The older the rarer too. Grey was a colour that got changed at a certain point, and so did the actual brick construction too – so the pieces are not interchangeable and able to be determined to be ‘era correct’. Like any hobby that involves middle aged males there is a lot of research, information and detail to the hobby!

For Bat Man late-era stuff, eBay would be his friend, but BrickLink would be a great resource to give him Walt. Honestly, it’s not something you want to spend too long on, it’s a very deep hole to jump into!

16 days ago

I could instantly tell it wasn’t Carl Barks because the pupils of the eyes are all black. Barks always put in a small white slit to indicate which direction they were looking. It’s a shame Barks is rarely recognized anymore, despite the fact that Scrooge an the Woodchucks remained popular with Duck Tales

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