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Apologies for the delay, Queen Victoria’s birthday demanded that I take the weekend off and do some lolligaging.

We had a bit of a shock last week as eBay delayed our Canadiana auction by a week, it is now scheduled to start Sunday May 26th and runs 7 days through to Sunday June 2nd. The shock came as we did not have a 10 day auction ready for Thursday but we quickly got together 100 plus lots and launched them this past Sunday, they’ll run for 7 days.

We’ve been getting in tons of new raw collections that will be going up for our weekly eBay auctions in the very near future, on one pile I found this copy of Gold Key’s Star Trek #1 from 1967. As I was looking at the comic I was trying to decide whether I liked the cover, I know the cover very well, have owned and sold many over the years, its very iconic and easily recognizable but is it a good cover? I own a CGC 6.0 of this with Signature Series, William Shatner, Walter Koenig. I really wanted a Sig Series signed by both Nemoy and Shatner but I read somewhere that a Nemoy/Shatner double sig is a lot rarer because the two didn’t get along for a while. Good cover or not, it is our Cover of the week.

Here’s another iconic image I’m not sure about. This is the famous splash page by Jack Kirby, from Fantastic Four #48. I like the ambition, I like the creativity, I’m just not sure I like the result. This realization is a bit liberating to tell the truth, it’s like being brave enough to say “there are a lot of Beatles songs I don’t like”. Anyway, I do like it as our Splash of the week.

Don’t ask me why but I was looking at a copy of DC Comics Presents #63 from 1983, the back cover ad was pushing an Atari James Bond video game. A thought hit me about video games, over the decades intellectual property homegrown within the video game media seems to have always been dominant over adapted properties from other media including comic books and movies. Comics have had a much bigger and better impact in film when compared to video games.

The icecollectibles weekly eBay auction that ended this past Sunday had some interesting results, I was watching the CGC 9.2 copy of Star Spangled War Stories #134 hoping for a record setting price. The book performed nobly, closing at $407 and it was the 2nd highest price ever for a 9.2 copy but it was still well below the 2023 sale of $660.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Gerald Eddy
Gerald Eddy
24 days ago

We may look at that Kirby collage now tainted by our 21st century eyes, but when I first saw that page as a kid I was blown away! Don’t know if I ever had that particular Star Spangled, but I remember perusing a couple of those Dino issues as a kid on a vacation from our home in Colorado Springs to Yellowstone park in the backseat of my fathers Ford station wagon. Actually, I remember reading a lot of comics in the cars back seat… bet they bought me comics to keep me shut up on reassessment!

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