Undervalued Spotlight #0

It seems a common comment appears on our Undervalued Spotlight posts: that comic isn’t undervalued. And after several hundred Undervalued Spotlights, it appears some defining statements are needed. How does Comic Book Daily define undervalued?

An undervalued comic is one that, on the date the post was published, was determined to have a value to be below what it should be for the reasons provided, based on the writer’s experience with the comic market.

While the Overstreet Price Guide is a good reference and starting point, comic book prices are determined by the market: in store, at conventions, and online.

Here are the Undervalued Spotlight Indexes currently available:

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Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

Scott works in I.T. but lives to eat and read. His other ramblings can be found at AE Index and eBabble. Art collection at Comic Art Fans.

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  1. I think maybe people are getting confused between ‘undervalued’ and ‘affordable’. For example, when you feature a golden age book with an entry point of say $800, this may be out of reach already for many collectors, even though it may be undervalued. This could be why some don’t see it as undervalued, because it is a pricey book to begin with. I love your US articles, I find them very valuable and informative.

  2. I enjoy just about all the Undervalued Spotlight post. It one of my favorites to look forward to every week on here.

  3. Undervalued spotlight is brilliant, and thank you for every post. Wish you could throw in a few non-North American picks some day (2000AD prog 2 anyone?) – but meanwhile keep up the great work!!

  4. Thanks for the support fellas.

    Scott summed the Spotlight up nicely above when he wrote – An undervalued comic is one that, on the date the post was published, was determined to have a value to be below what it should be for the reasons provided, based on the writer’s experience with the comic market.

    I do try to mix them up as much as I can – really old, really new, really cheap, really expensive, all genres, all publishers etc – it keeps things fresh and doesn’t pigeon hole the posts.

    I like your suggestion Simon, we’d done Canadian and British books before and I’m sure a few more will make it up.

    Don’t forget I’m always looking for suggestions and I’m always looking for a few brave souls to write up their own for consideration. Just keep them in the format we’re sticking to.

  5. Walt, I have some ideas for a write up. I’ll check the past posts so you don’t repeat yourself.

  6. Bryan is right on point. I’ve always argued that a high priced “quality” book offers much more reward than a cheap “junk” book. But the other half of this equation is knowing where and how to sell.

    After all these years, Undervalued Spotlight is still the only one of it’s kind and remains the backbone of this site. There are a few other speculation sites out there but they mostly chase trends, don’t have the depth or is not as consistent as Undervalued Spotlight. So, credit where credit is due and kudos to Walter… despite his X-Force #2 recommendation. After over 300 posts, it may be time to revisit some of the earlier ideas and double down.

  7. Nice post and great idea Scott. Having written a few Spotlights for Walt in the past, I can tell you it only makes you appreciate this enormous body of work all the more. It is not easy to come up with a UV spotlight you believe in every once in a while, let alone every week. Hats off to you Walt.

    I also will climb on board with Charlie’s comment about re-visiting some past posts. Undervalued Spotlight- Revisited. They could have categories. A) A winner. B) I have faith and am still holding. C) What the hell was I thinking? There are plenty of astute picks in the Spotlight to be proud of Walt, keep at it – #400 is just around the corner.

  8. Good to be back! Yes keep it fair for all points of view. I want to see more attention paid to content and story and interiors, not just cool or hot covers! Back to balance.

  9. I also like this site with the undervalued post a must read. Re other picks besides North American, how about some Australian picks, who I believe have a similar background to the Canadian comics? I am sure some would find that interesting with their own heroes from way back. Anyone?

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