Fantastic Four Annual #5, Marvel Comics, November 1967

Comic Annuals have been a neglected collecting strain for years now but thanks to the “pick and choose” mentality of the new collectors and investors specific issues, if they can offer up something enticing, have been finding favor in the marketplace.

This week I’ll focus on a book I feel should be more sought after than it is. It’s a book that brings lots and lots to the table multiple selling points and the cumulative result is hard to ignore. This week I’d like to shine the Spotlight on Fantastic Four Annual #5.

Fantastic Four Annual #5 features some very recent add-ons to the FF canon and thus delivers very early appearances of the Inhumans, the Black Panther and the Silver Surfer.

Divide and Conquer is a 30 page Lee/Kirby epic that features the FF, Black Panther, the Inhumans and the 1st appearance of the villain Psycho-Man. Later in the book we get the 12 page Lee/Kirby gem The Peerless Power of the Silver Surfer, Surfer’s 1st solo story.

The issue throws more at us including some great Kirby pin-up pages and we get Reed announcing that Sue Richards is pregnant (with Franklin). It’s square bound white cover makes high grade copies look stunning.

Relative to the Guide the book is a bargain on the markets, a CGC 9.2 recently sold for $200 (just over 70% of Guide) while a CGC 9.4 fetched what looks like a bargain at $239.

Though Fantastic Four Annual #5 does not deliver one giant reason to own this book it does deliver many worthy ones. If we are to believe that substance will always find it’s way to the front then we should be looking for a copy of this book and it’s lack of love at the moment makes it a good time to pick up some solid high grade copies.

The 47th Overstreet price break for this book is $83/$182/$280 in the 8.0/9.0/9.2 grade splits.

Reasons to buy this comic book as an investment:

  • 1st solo Silver Surfer story
  • Early appearances of Silver Surfer, Black Panther and Inhumans
  • 1st Appearance Psycho-Man