Undervalued Spotlight #391

X-Men Vol. 2 #205, Marvel Comics, January 2008.

I’ve been talking to some young, in the know fans at the shop and they are telling me that there is some building spec around the X-Men character Hope Summers. These conversations intrigued me – the guys made passionate arguments and asked me to consider what they had to say when I was picking this week’s Spotlight. Well this week I’m choosing X-Men Vol. 2 #205 as my Undervalued Spotlight.

X-Men Vol. 2 #205 features the 1st appearance of Hope Summers. Hope Summers was the 1st Mutant born after the Decimation Event, she’s a massively powerful character who possesses the Phoenix Force. Hope’s powers have not fully been flushed out but all indications are that she is a major force, there’s a quote somewhere online that calls her the Mutant Messiah and some say even the harbinger of death for mankind.

The spec seems to revolve around the delayed X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie due next year and the subsequent moving of all the X-Men characters over to the Marvel/Disney movie machine. There was even spec about a young Hope Summers appearing in Deadpool 2.

All this speculation is great, it creates buzz and interest in the character.

Personally I think Hope Summers has unlimited potential, Marvel has set her up to become a major character. Movie hype aside Hope Summers is a good bet. I stole the following from the Marvel website;

“I’m assuming you saw what she did? How her powers work? Anything we can do – anything any of us can do – she’s already there. It’s like – someone made a voodoo dool for the whole mutant race. That’s what Hope is. She’s all of us.” – Prodigy

X-Men #205’s value has been climbing on eBay, raw copies were getting less than $10 a few months ago but are now sometimes over $20. I’m pretty sure this book can still be found in bargain bins at local comic book shops and at cons – I think I sold one for $2.00 as part of a Messiah Complex Value Pack a week or two ago.

I don’t think it would hurt anyone to hunt down a bunch of these and put them in their stash.

The 47th Overstreet price break for this book is $3 in the 9.2 grade split.

Reasons to buy this comic book as an investment:

  • First appearance Hope Summers

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. One of my favorite things to do is go watch eBay after an undervalued spotlight post. It’s amazing how much these can drive books sometimes. Today is no exception.

    I enjoyed the Messiah Complex storyline, but if this book catches fire will be more than happy to part with it so I can plug more cash into GA/SA stuff I’m looking for.

  2. Interesting. It’ll be 2 years since the launch of Rebirth come June and the two leads appear to be Flash and Wonder Woman, but only with raw specimens, trading between $10-15 bucks approximately. With the New 52’s prior, Batman was way ahead within a similar time frame. I guess this caused people to load up on Rebirth Batman #1’s so there’s plenty to go around, resulting in no appreciation. The Flash and Wonder Woman were also the fan favourites at the movies so this may be a factor as well.

    As for graded books, these are basically trading at cost so I would tread carefully here. I managed to sell my copy of Wonder Woman early on it was difficult to squeeze out a profit and I’m still stuck with my copy of Batman. But if you’re a collector and just want to have a 9.8 copy for your collection, it may be easier to simply buy one graded as opposed to dealing with the submission process.

  3. Side note: Can you believe that the last sale of a Hulk#181, 9.8 was almost $28k USD? This is the highest paid for this book, in this grade. Make of it what you will.

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