Graphic Novels Real Reading?

An interesting look at graphic novels in the classroom from TVO’s Parents Book Club.  Watch it and then continue.

It’s ridiculous listening to the host about how she had to follow the pictures.  Being immersed in comics and reading since I was eight I find it interesting how uninformed the general public seems to be about comics and graphic novels.

Graphic novels, like all books, fall into genre and age categories.  Encourage reading in genre and age appropriate material, regardless of format.  Smith has the right idea when he said comics are real reading and encourage people to read even more, such as magazines and novels.  As I get older I read more and watch television less.

Schwartz is tuned into using comics as a learning tool to encourage literacy amongst children.  Great advice to parents: read a graphic novel and really take a look at the experience.  Now is the time to give a graphic novel as a gift for family and friends; let them know what they’re missing.

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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