‘Head Lopper 2’ is the second installment in Andrew MacLean’s comic book series.

There’s something fairly eye-catching about a comic book project titled “Head Lopper.” It’s that neck-jerking element, and the very obvious allusion to carnage and violence that, let’s face it, we all enjoy to some degree. This week’s crowdfunding project of the week is Andrew MacLean’s homage to Conan The Barbarian and Clash of the Titans, Head Lopper 2: The Wolves of Barra.

Head Lopper 2: The Wolves of Barra

As mentioned, this comic book project is MacLean’s love letter to two of his favourite movies. Following the first volume, this second volume follows the main character–a nomadic warrior named Norgal–after having landed on the Scottish Isle of Barra with nothing more than his trusty sword and the severed head of Agatha the Blue Witch. The duo are prepared to slay each and every beast that calls the island home, not realizing that with each monster they slay, they venture further into the antagonistic Barra’s game.

The Campaign

Having run the campaign since Oct. 9, MacLean has very nearly reached his funding goal. The writer/artist of the series is only $600 shy of his $9300 goal with about 10 days remaining. After funding the first part of the series entirely on his own, all campaign contributions will go towards pre-production costs, printing and post-production costs for the small print run that MacLean plans to do of the second part of his series. The campaign itself is to fund the first part of this second series, beginning with an oversized 40-page first issue.

Head Lopper 2: The Wolves of Barra – Kickstarter Campaign

Value Perks

For as low as $5, you’ll get a digital copy of Head Lopper 2 in PDF format. For an extra $3 you’ll get PDF’s of both Head Lopper 1 and Head Lopper 2. If you prefer to have print copies of MacLean’s series, you can get Head Lopper 2 for $15, or for $20 you can get hard copies of the first two parts of the series. MacLean ups the ante with the $35 and $45 rewards, providing fans of the series the opportunity to score a limited edition t-shirt commemorating the Head Lopper 2 release. This $35 reward comes complete with a printed copy of the second book. At $45 you can get hard copies of both parts of the series. In addition to these, scattered about his list of rewards, are opportunities to secure a variety of MacLean’s concept art for the series, in addition to the work of other artists, to go along with the comic book itself.

Why Should You Support the Campaign?

If you like fun action romps with a hulking figure who swings a sword, MacLean has steeped your tea to perfection with this book. Describing the title as being influenced by Conan the Barbarian and the Clash of the Titans, this title seems perfect for fans of either film, while I would also say that if you like Jim Zub’s Skullkicker series, you’ll also enjoy this title. $8 or $20 contributions will get you both parts of MacLean’s series, which is hardly a bad deal.