Comic Book Links For Monday November 9th, 2009

It’s been a pretty busy weekend here at Comic Book Daily Head Quarters, we’ve been scowering the interwebs looking for fun links to get your through the usual monday blahs. As always if you come across an interesting link or article that we may have missed, please by all means e-mail Pete DeCourcy – he needs all the help he can get.

  • The New York Times – in honour of Marvel’s 70th anniversary – gives you 70 facts little known facts about Marvel Comics. Some are pretty interesting and obscure.. while others are pretty obvious to comic book fans.
  • Brian Michael Bendis decides to hold a interview on twitter. Some goodies in there including his return to Daredevil (with the announced in 2007 miniseries Daredevil: End of Days – which will have art by Alex Maleev,  Bill Sienkewicz, and Klaus Janson. As well as a creator owned crime project with art by Maleev. ) If you don’t feel like digging through the 125 qs – you can check out CBR’s Robot 6 for a round up of some of the tastier news.
  • The gang over at Second Printing tackle the unsung writing talents of Peter Tomasi and Will Pfeifer.
  • Rob Ullman illustrates his Dinner with Robert Crumb in 2 installments. Warning: anti-climatic. (still fun.) one, two
  • James Romberger interviews comic book legend (and super escape artist) Jim Steranko. This interview is filled with great technical comic book discussion, and techniques. It’s a really interesting read, he’s like the Walter Murch of comics.
  • Just because it’s fun to read a review of a great book: Tom Spurgeon reviews Darwyn Cooke’s take on Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark’s The Hunter.
  • I miss Young Justice. So enjoy some fun [via Scans_Daily.]
  • And just because.. Hey Oscar Wilde, It’s Clobbering Time.
  • The Unseen Terrors of Naoki Urasawa. [via Are you a serious Comic Book Reader?] Basically a compilation of Urusawa’s excellent use of the unknown and panel layout. In all honesty I truly believe that Urasawa is probably the best storyteller in comics right now, and this is just further proof. Great article.
  • Also: Naoki Urasawa on making comics. [must read!]
  • GEEKANERD’s Panel discussion for the week of November 4/09. (Featuring The Great Ten #1, Pyslocke #1, Secret Six #15 and Wolverine The List.
  • The Best Comics of 2009? Already? Amazon and Publishers Weekly think so.
  • I Love Rob Liefeld wants to know: Where have you gone Aron Weisenfeld?
  • Gail Simone reveals that Achilles is gay. Over at the DC boards she explains: “Yeah, no point in being coy. Historically, Achilles was bi, but in this era, he’s absolutely gay. It’s just part of who he is. DC has a ton of lesbians, but not that many gay heroes or even anti-heroes. He’s not meant to be a token, I think he’s a pretty cool character on his own and if he gets a chance to shine, I think we’ll see that–up til now it’s mostly been potential.
  • Jog – perhaps one of the best online comic journalists – discusses the comic book evolution of JH Williams The 3rd and how it effects his work on his run on Detective Comics with Greg Rucka.
  • Did you know that Alan Moore and Peter Bagge collaborated? Well, they did…
  • This Week in Panels from The 4th Letter.
  • Warren Peace sings the blues and reviews Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle series.. one of my personal favourites issues.
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