Comic Book Links for September 21, 2009

  • 1367091996_c8ada175d9Second Printing examines why DC Entertainment’s 52 (The first of their weekly, year long series) was the Comic Event of this decade.
  • The Invincible Super Blog pulls back the curtain of the Will Magnus Institute of Super-Science (“where we’re solving the complex death ray and robot-related problems of tomorrow”)
  • Caleb of Everyday is like Wednesday examines Lee Bermejo’s art in the Joker HC.
  • Herbie Vs Rorschach? Only the twisted minds of Living Between Wednesday’s could see such powerful fearful symmetry.
  • I’m behind the times but Dave Campbell (of Dave’s Longbox fame and now of Society For The Advancement Of Dave.) gives us a rundown on the best and lamest futuristic police vehicles.
  • Beaucoup Kevin makes a valid points about comic books.
  • Canadian National Treasure The Mighty God King talks about the state of comic book titles.
Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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