Comic Book Links For Tuesday December 1st

It’s been a pretty busy weekend here at Comic Book Daily Head Quarters, we’ve been scouring the interwebs looking for fun links to get your through the usual Tuesday blahs. As always if you come across an interesting link or article that we may have missed, please by all means e-mail Pete DeCourcy – he needs all the help he can get.

  • Thai cartoonist Jakraphan Huaypetch has won the International Manga Award contest, given by Japan’s Foreign Ministry for works by foreign cartoonists. This is often considered the Nobel Prize of Manga. Good for him, congratulations are in order!
  • Chris Butcher (from one of Toronto’s best comic shops The Beguiling) live blogs his previews. Hilarious! (Also he provides us with a great little Bryan Lee O’Malley gem.)
  • School Library Journal lists Book [they] wish [they] could have.
  • io9 examines some of the dumbest comic book retcons of all time.
  • “Thousands of manga fans flocked to the funeral Monday of Japanese cartoonist Yoshito Usui, whose cheeky schoolboy character Shin-chan delighted millions.”
  • A Fumetti style interview with American Splendor’s Harvey Pekar. [via NY Graphic Novelists]
  • Will Eisner’s The Spirit Colouring Book offers a look at some of his glorious Splash Pages.
  • The Boys at Second Printing Offer up some decent Versus-es… DC Cosmic vs. Marvel Cosmic, Super villain Lex Luthor vs.Corporate Lex and finally The Cabal vs. Villains United.
  • Part Two of Scott Tipton’s Comics 101 World Tour. This Stop: ROME.
  • How Will Eisner and Harvey Kurtzman became Teachers …thanks to Punk.
  • On Flickr, somebody presumably living in or staying in Europe has put up images from that Italian X-Men graphic novel that Chris Claremont and Italian superstar artist Milo Manara did. Right here. Anyone want to translate what the back cover, which is in one the images, says?
  • Jog talks about one of my favourite comic book series – The Winter Men. Was it worth the wait? (well, for me – yes, obviously – but what does he thinks?)
  • According to Bleeding Cool Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s next project will be officially announced this saturday!
  • Tom Spurgeon’s Holiday Gift Guide!
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