Trailer: Run, Archie, Run

Of all the comic books that I really could do without in seeing in video game form Archie is up there. But apparently someone out there thought that there was a market for it. I suppose if it was a real time strategy game (like The Last Express) where all events happen in real-time and you have to choose between going on a date with Betty or Veronica (which you’ve booked on the same day – GASP!) While also trying to avoid Reggie, get out of detention with Mister Weatherbee, and drink milkshakes as your power ups.

Also, I’m sure there would be some part where you’d have to help Jughead escape from Big Ethel’s basement…

Well, anyway, here’s the trailer.. what do you think?

Oh.. ugh.. yeah, Archie’s hair looks retarded.

Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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