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Batman: Year One Trailer

A trailer has been released for Batman: Year One animated direct to DVD feature film. Based on the clip I have two impressions: it’s very close to the comic and I don’t care Batman’s voice. But that’s just me.

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Although the film is a year away a “teaser” has been release for The Amazing Spider-Man.     Right off we have some mystery why Peter’s parents had to go and do something, leaving him with his aunt and uncle.…

Batman: Year One Trailer

Courtesy of MTV’s Splash Page we present the first trailer for Batman: Year One animated film. It looks to match the classic Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli comic in tone and colour but the animation has that manga look to…

New Captain America Trailer

Here’s the latest theatrical trailer, 2:30 long. We’re treated to a new tag line: “heroes are made in America”. As well here’s the new “George Hamilton” poster.

First Tintin Movie Trailer

Coming to a big screen near you December 23rd is Tintin by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.  The first official movie trailer has been released showcasing the animation of the film but not much else; I did enjoy the theatrical…

Four Minutes of Walking Dead

AMC has released the first trailer for their new show, The Walking Dead, realized by Frank Darabont and based on Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series. The show premieres with a 90 minute movie event on Halloween, appropriately enough.