ARRRGH | Green Lantern Wondercon Trailer

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Warner Bros released an extended trailer for Green Lantern at WonderCon over the weekend. You can check it out in HD here.


Chris Owen
Chris Owen

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  1. it’s a definate improvement over the footage we saw before.  I still think there are problems (for a group themed on lanterns and light, the planet Oa looks awfully dark & murky…..)

  2. This trailer is better than the original.  I don’t mind the humour bits in the previous trailer now that this one looks like it is a dark and serious film.  Why couldn’t they show us this trailer first?

  3. Apparently because scenes like these weren’t ready for viewing. So instead we got a trailer with scene of a jeep, ending with a (subtextual) bad joke.
    This trailer surpasses it easily, so I’m less worried about the movie now.

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