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ARRRGH! | Pittsburgh Comicon

So this past weekend I drove down to the Pittsburgh Comicon, because the two comic conventions in Toronto in the last month weren’t enough for this fanboy. So my co-pilot Ian, and I set out to steel-town USA, to see…

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ARRRGH | Granito or Sheen?

So I received an email this morning from the Pittsburgh Comicon Community that the Rob Granito story continues to get better. The website Comics Cube posted an article this morning about how they received a letter from an “Alison” stating…

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ARRRGH!!!! | Meet The Man Himself

ARRRGH!!! That was my first thought when I decided to I wanted to write about comics on a regular basis. “ARRRGH!!!”. Why? Because I have too much to talk about and too many topics. Artists? Collecting? Comics in the classroom?…

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