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Andrew Ardizzi
12 years ago

There has been plenty of speculation in the last week over this video, the prologue video (which you can find online) and this new poster. All of it centers around the fate of the Dark Knight at the end of the movie. We know Batman’s history with Bane, notably that he was the one who broke his back and put him on the sidelines for a time. I read some speculative thoughts that perhaps Nolan would in fact kill Bruce Wayne, however I doubt the plainness of the poster’s language. Instead, I suspect what the “Legend Ends” and “The Dark Knight Rises” verbage alludes to is Batman fully becoming visible to the public eye, a la War Games, rather than maintaining his status as primarily an urban legend of Gotham. Alternately, perhaps as another layer to the mystery, this could also be where Bruce finally fully immerses himself in the Batman persona, metaphorically killing Bruce Wayne.

I thought the trailer itself was okay. Much of it centrally focused on the football game in order to communicate the diabolical plots Bane is capable of. We also got to see what I’m assuming was the first meeting between Hathaway’s Selina Kyle and who I believe will be Talia al-Ghul, as well as an exchange between Bane and Batman.

I think there were two interesting bits to the trailer. First, we saw him fighting in full garb in broad daylight, which is a huge development and plays somewhat to my theory on the movie poster. Secondly, I’m wondering how much time passes inside the movie itself. I’ve read there’s an eight year gap somewhere, but then we can see in the trailer that Commissioner Gordon is giving a public eulogy for Harvey Dent, which I imagine can’t be too long after “The Dark Knight.” What I’m curious about is the one scene where Alfred and Bruce are underground and look rather unkempt. It’s definitely something to think about.

Ed Campbell
Ed Campbell
12 years ago

I find this trailer just as confusing as the teaser trailer that came out in the summer.

The other thing I am not keen on is the emphasis on it being the conclusion to the series.

We know there will always be Batman movies. I guess right now I am looking forward to the next reboot. Yes the Dark Knight was amazing, but I am looking forward to a different version of Batman.

Or I wonder, will future Batman movies just be one-shot stories, much like what the animated movies have become.

Anthony Falcone
12 years ago

I approve of the lack of 3-D.