Dude, Iron Man Needs a Drink.


Here’s the International Poster for Iron Man II or.. as I like to call it IIron Man. Because I am hilarious. Seriously though, doesn’t Tony look like he’s pissed off? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Robert Downey Jr. angry before.. Most of his movies when he appears angry he’s usually frantic, or he’s crying.. never grumpy…

Here’s the thing with superhero movies¬† vs. superhero comics. In comics when superheroes are wearing masks – their masks convey so much. Every emotion can be viewed through mask. Iron Man? Not so much… Which is why we get a lot of these wierd Tony looking at a variety of screens shots throughout the first movie.

Now we’ve got two guys in the armor.. how are they going to do the whole ‘convey-emotion-through-a-metal-mask’?

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