Well, it looks like we’ll finally get to see Scott Pilgrim move.

After what feels like four years of development (my friend worked on the film and I’d get daily little tidbits, making the wait even more unbearable) we might be seeing Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life level up before our eyes.

According to Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnson there’s a good chance that we’ll not only be seeing the trailer before fellow comic book cum big screen adaptation Kick-Ass.

This is brilliant because well, for people who are open to going to see a comic book based film, why not go see Scott Pilgrim? According to Rich, it’s even referenced in the film:

Scott Pilgrim itself gets referenced in the movie, in very positive terms. An advert, then a product placement – now that’s what I call synergy.

Fingers crossed.

Be sure to check back here when the trailer is finally released!