Fan Expo a huge success!

Looks like this year’s Fan Expo was indeed bigger and better before with an absolutely crushing number of people attending, almost 60,000! Due to the issues with overcrowing this year, the Fan Expo in 2010 will be held in the North convention centre hall as opposed to the South convention hall where it was held this year. One of the biggest advantages in addition to increased space is that the North hall is on ground level, eliminating the need for the escalators which were a major source of bottlenecks this year.

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Hobby Star Marketing would like to thank all fans who attended Fan
Expo Canada 2009 over the past weekend, making it the most
successful event to date!

The 15th annual Fan Expo Canada saw a 22% increase in
attendance from last year with a record-breaking crowd of more
than 59, 000 visitors.
As such, the wait times to enter the show floor
were longer than anticipated, and we would like to take this
opportunity to thank all of the dedicated fans for their patience and

With an unprecedented number of visitors, especially on Saturday,
we thank you for your understanding as Fan Expo staff and
volunteers worked tirelessly to direct crowds and manage line-ups.
As an organization, we have learned from the 2009 experience and
are already implementing changes to make the entry process
smoother, faster, and more efficient for 2010.

We have received nothing but positive feedback from guests,
retailers, exhibitors, panelists, and participants who were truly
impressed by the dedication, enthusiasm, and passion of Toronto

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We hope
you had an amazing Fan Expo Canada 2009 experience and can’t
wait to see you back in 2010!

Aman Gupta
President and CEO
Hobby Star Marketing, Inc.

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