Fan Expo: X-Factor turns 200

It’s good news for one of the best X-Universe series on Marvel’s roaster. Peter David’s series is going to go back to it’s original numbering with issue 200.

Marvel has released the solicitation for this issue and it sounds all kinds of awesome:

““The Invisible Girl Has Vanished” – X-Factor has relocated back to New York, and their first client is a keeper: Franklin Richards, whose mom has disappeared and who figures that the premiere detective agency in the Marvel Universe has the best chance of finding her. Except Reed Richards doesn’t seem especially cooperative in helping them locate his missing wife. What is he hiding, and does it have anything to do with the coming Darkness? Meanwhile, Val Cooper has some bad news for Monet: Her ambassador father has been taken prisoner by terrorists, and she has less than 24 hours to find him before he winds up getting his head cut off on video.

Considering that the series has been firing on all cylinders since it was relaunched back in 2006, it’s current run has lasted a little over 50 issues.

Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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