Trades & Hardcovers

Just back from Fan Expo 2011 to report on the trade paperback and hardcover sales.  Overall there are less dealers this year, or that’s the feeling I had as I wandered the aisles.  Silver Snail had the best deal at 50% off U.S. cover on all their collected editions, followed by Labyrinth with 40% off.  They had the best discount selection.  Spotted a smattering of 20% and 30% discounts along with publishers such as Image set up with full price items.

Last year there seemed to be rows and rows of trades to rummage through but most of what I spotted today was Diamond clearance items on deep discount and regular items at full cover.  It’s not a bargain hunters show for collected editions but still worth a good search for your most wanted items.

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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