JMS leaving monthlies to work on Earth-One Sequel: Fine, your monthlies weren't that good anyways

So, JMS has decided to leave monthly comics behind and focus exclusively on writing the sequel to Superman Earth One according to the DC Source blog. Well, I don’t have a problem with that since he simply hasn’t been doing a very good job with the DC books. He had a great run with Marvel’s Thor recently until editorial wanted him to modify his run to coincide with the Siege event. At that point, he left the title and moved over to DC with great fanfare when it was announced that he was going to be doing Wonder Woman and Superman. There was so much commotion over the big changes to Wonder Woman in time for her 600th issue. I mean they were going to change her costume! Her costume change even made it into the mainstream news! A couple months later, how many of the people who picked up the first issue of JMS’ run are still reading it? I jumped back onto the title after JMS took over and 4 issues later, I still am not sure that anything has happened at all. And his Superman run? 5 issues in and we’re nowhere. I was thinking he would use three issues to slowly build up towards an epic storyline but no, 5 issues in and we’re still walking. The same thing kind of happened with his Thor run but we were willing to give him more leeway since he did spice things up once in a while with some action. Thor had been dormant in the Marvel universe for long enough to justify some exposition on his return. So hurry up and wrap up your run on Superman and Wonder Woman, JMS so you can start working on your sequel to Earth-One. I’ve recommended your Thor run to everyone but we’ve given you more than enough issues to set up something good in Supes and Wonder Woman.

Comment and tell us your thoughts on JMS’ run on these titles! Better yet, leave me a summary of what’s happened in the Wonder Woman issues, as despite reading them I can’t remember a damn thing about them.

David Diep
David Diep

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