Matthew Dow Smith's Warm Up Sketches

Matthew Dow Smith is one of those great artists that’s work has been everywhere (X-Men to Hellboy and back again), he’s just a fantastic artist that deserves wider recognition, well – that’s what we here at CBD want to do. While perusing his ‘blog I came across his warm up drawings. His art has a very angular Mignola-esque quality and seeing his take on this classic characters is pretty astonishing. His Wolverine is especially interesting and kind of makes me want to see him tackle Logan in a story that would suit his atmospheric and interesting style. (Think Bryan K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso’s Logan miniseries)

Check out his Wolvie, Hal Jordan, Guy Davis’ Nevermen and a character I’m not as familiar with but plan on changing that; Evan Fade from NEGATIVE BURN.

Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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