Art Porn: Michael Cho's Darkseid

Michael Cho is one of Comicbookdaily’s favourite artists. His Holiday Season card made us all weep tears of christmas joy, and his cover to Don Delillo’s White Noise made one of our favourite books even more awesome. Well, this time he’s done it again, this time drawing up a beautiful picture of the once named Uxas of Apokalips, son of Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra, and future despot under the name Darkseid. (Who just so happens to be the best villain of all time. Seriously, if I ever get a cat, his name for totally be Darkseid.)

DarkseidOver at Michael’s blog he takes you through some of the process, which includes a nice little tidbit for Hamiltonians:

Incidentally, drawing the background for this piece reminded me of growing up in Hamilton, Ontario in the 80’s. Back then Hamilton had 2 giant steel companies working full time, so I was used to seeing raging fires light up the night sky. It was always an awesome sight.

So head over to his blog for a look at his creative process.

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