Today(ish) in Twitter – Monday, January 25th, 2010

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

I’d also like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Geoff Johns!

Si Spurrier Hello, Monday. You smell like Ratpuke and Babyhate. (Possibly I’ve just got something stuck in my nostril).

Chuck bb Come on Monday, show me some love!

Todd McFarlane HOW TO BE A MILLIONARE: Put money on the OPPOSITE sports team I pick in any playoff game. I’ve picked the losers about 97% of time in 30 yrs

Andy Diggle Now my computer’s started freezing up on me. All in all, this has turned out to be a really shit Monday.

Matt Sturges Thanks to @allisontype, I am well on my way to becoming a corporation. A CORPORATION OF ONE. AND I’m my own employee. I get to pay myself a salary, but if I ask for a raise, I’m going to tell myself to dazzle me.

Bill Willingham Has decided to become a corporate raider and do a hostile takeover at the new and vulnerable @matt_sturges inc.

Neil Gaiman For the curious: swear into a Google phone & it transcribes it as ####. But if you swear and then say “dot com” it will write what you said. I was hoping this discovery would bring me fame and fortune, but alas, it’s being mentioned (see )but not credited.

Rafael Albuquerque Blog Updated:

Brent Chittenden the boys from TATANS have been interviewed … yup someone thought we worth talking to

Stephen Wacker It is armageddon here. Fallen trees everywhere. God must be mad about Brevoort’s promotion.

Tony Harris Terrible storm here last night. I was hoping it would dissolve the TP in my trees. Didnt happen.

Dan Slott – A special Spidey-Treat! @StephenWacker says I can show a sneak peek of Michael, Stefano, and Matt’s art for ASM #

Chris Samnee Printing script, reading over back issues for reference and drinking a swell cup of coffee. Pretty good way to start the week.

B Clay Moore The throbbing in my head and pain in my eyes remind me yet again that I have no personal assistant to brew me coffee in the morning.

Kelly Sue DeConnick Emsie & I are doing residencies at White Chapel this week! Drop by & make us look clever.

Kate Beaton hurrah! My website had a problem last night but I can upload the new comic onto it this morning

Bryan Lee O’Malley French translated Scott Pilgrim comics coming soon: Vol 1 (aka “tome 1”) out in early March from Miladyet si vous lisez français, voilà encore FREE SCOTT PILGRIM:

Gail Simone So freaking cool, Ragdoll Vs. the Creeper by Mike Norton!

Rich Johnston Yes, the Watchmen graphic novel sold well last year. But in the UK, it was still beaten by The Beano Annual –

Ed Kaye @richjohnston I think this means that Alan Moore needs to write a Dennis the Menace story!

Matt Fraction guys, let’s just concentrate on what we’re best at: death metal and interior design.

Cameron Stewart This is so awesome it blows my mind: I wish I was this creative 🙁

CB Cebulski I’m sorry to hear that Blister in Tokyo is closing, @AkiYanagi & Japanese Marvel readers. Guild in Kobe runs a wonderful mail order service.

Chris Butcher @CBCebulski I’m sorry to hear that too, that’s awful. Can Tokyo really not support one American comic book store?

CB Cebulski As I gear up to start my annual talent trek this week, I finally took a look into just how many new freelancers Marvel hired in 2009: 144! I’ll be posting the stats by discipline, as well as a few other breakdowns, on my blog tomorrow. I’ll of course tweet when it goes up.

Dan Slott One of the weirdest parts of my job is knowing that every word I write down in a script is going to end up in an issue Amazing Spider-Man … I know that sounds OBVIOUS, but Spider-Man– and the actual publication: The Amazing Spider-Man– have always been really big things… in my life. It’s still strange to me that I’m here. That I’m doing this. This weekend I’ve been working on (and am still working on)…my 21st issue. Since the book’s at around 620 issues, that’s an honest to gosh percentage. 🙂 Oy. Okay enough navel gazing. Back to work.

Dan Panosian Readers won’t fall for Spiderman dying anymore. And they don’t want him dying. For the sake of drama, kill a lesser character or build a new a new character up to tear down. Intelligent storytelling can deliver the same impact with some planning.

Chris Eliopoulos Imagine falling in a museum. Imagine ripping a Picasso painting while doing it:

Rick Remender @Oeming Congrats to you and Brian on Powers moving forward

Hope Larson Fyi, folks, I’m exploring the webcomic thing and figuring out if it’d be viable/a smart move/a stupid move.

Tom Fowler laughing out loud at awesomed by comics. as usual…

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