Richard and Mary Parker casted for Spider-Man reboot

It’s been reported that the actors for Peter Parker’s parents have been cast. According to the Hollywood Reporter; Scott Campbell and Julianne Nicholson have been cast as Richard and Mary Parker respectively. If you don’t know who these guys are, you’re not alone since I don’t follow actors very well. Anyways, as a quick recap, in the comics Richard and Mary Parker are undercover CIA agents that have worked with the likes of Wolverine and Nick Fury doing espionage business before they were framed as traitors by the Red Skull and killed in an exploding plane. They did an annual issue where Peter flew to a foreign country and cleared their names. Then there was this whole funny business in the 90’s where they were brought back but the whole thing turned out to be a LMD farce and is largely ignored by fans.

Additonal casting includes Irrfan Khan as another villain alongside Rhys Ifans as a new character named Van Atter. It can’t just be me right? Putting aside my dislike of origin movies and introducing new characters into comic book movies, this all just sounds like a bad idea. I know that the reasons for Peter’s living with  his aunt is never completely explained in the original trilogy but that’s because it’s just filler material. I can’t think of a really good reason for them to be inserted into the movie because they definitely can’t implement their comic origins, since the whole undercover CIA agent seems silly. But if they did, Khan would probably be the villain that leads them to their death. Granted, I could just be blowing this all out of proportion and it’s only a quick flashback but that seems unlikely. Filming starts at the end of the month.

David Diep
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