Rob Liefeld Sums Up Image United [Updated with Erik Larsen]

Rob Liefeld twitters about the ill-fated Image United Miniseries.

If you’ve followed any of Brent Chittenden’s columns you’ll know that he’s been actively following any non-news about Image comics’ Image United. A high concept mini-series that teamed up all of the image characters in an epic battle. Each character would be drawn by their creator.

Only ….two issues have come out.

Rob Liefeld was part of it.

From His Twitter:


It goes without saying that Image United is a massive embarrassment. Damn shame the enthusiasm for the book not shared by all.


Erik Larsen also chimes:

I think most retailers can figure out who’s responsible for Image United being late

He then continues:

Image United will get finished and years from now people will just remember it as a great book–they won’t focus on the delays.

It’s a great idea and it’s a shame that it’s execution didn’t work. What do you think? Should we have just expected this?

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